I knew even from our initial telephone conversation that Roger could help me. And I was right. I have clear defined goals, (excuse the pun), and I know where I need to be and how to get there.  The ‘timeline’ thing was really useful for me and when I looked at it from different angles I could see where it was going wrong and how I could put it right.
Max K Professional Footballer

Having struggled with injury and illness, I was referred to Roger. His insights and coaching helped me regain my confidence and focus. My golf is now better than ever.
AC  Professional golfer

Recently my tennis was not as good as it should be. My concentration was off and I started losing to people I know I was better than. My game plan seemed fuzzy and I struggled to find where my practice ended and playing began. Strange I know, but for me there was no definite ‘line’ where one stopped and the other started. With Rogers help we went through routines and focus points. As strange as it may seem, tying a shoe lace separates practice and warm up from match play.
Tina N Semi-professional tennis player

I met Roger at a seminar. I went there because I wanted to find out about motivation and how to improve my all round play and coaching. We initially had a chat in the hotel coffee bar and I found out more about my thoughts and how I use then in a poor and derogatory way in that 40 minutes than in all my adult life. My ‘internal dialogue’ (never heard of that before either!), was as Roger put it ‘crippling me’.  Thought processes and mind management and a little orange dot changed the way I think about my game and my life. Orange is the new me!!
Huub D Football player/coach Belgium

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