Small Manageable Chunks

This article sums up in general terms, or big chunks, or the bigger picture. To achieve what you want to achieve needs to be small chunks, the detailed picture.

Let’s look at 3 points raised; goal setting, achieving goals and feedback.

Your goal setting is the single most important point. Without goal setting your brain does not know what exactly it needs to do.

A goal needs:

  1. A timeframe, i.e. I want to be able to achieve this by, followed by a date and time. The more specific you are about this the more significance is placed on that date and time. See that goal with colour, sound, feelings and passion. Make the picture life size or bigger. The bigger the better.
  2. Reality. Is this a supportable outcome? In other words do you have the skill to achieve what it is you want? Is it ecological? In that I mean is it sustainable and will it fit in with your environment, i.e. this goal of yours may mean you train for 30 hours a week. Can you dedicate 30 hours a week? Be realistic.
  3. Does it have a positive (kinaesthetic) feeling attached to it? In that I mean how does the outcome make you feel?  As an example, if you want to learn to play the banjo, you like the sound of it and you want to be a good player, but when you think of the hours that you will need to practice doesn’t give you a good feeling then two things will happen. One is that you will not practice; two is that you will not achieve your goal.


You need to consider the small chunks when you think of the big picture. The how will I…  when will I… etc.

If whatever you want to do does not give you a good feeling then you will not do it.

It’s just that simple.

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