The power of real-life stories…

The top 100 people in the world in the field of motivational speaking have all talked at the TED (Technology, Education and Design) seminars.  They feature highly on YouTube.

Whatever their chosen topic, they all adhere to simple principles and philosophies, some of these are;

  • The material should be memorable
  • It should be novel
  • And it should be delivered with passion and emotion

To motivate and be motivated you must be able to link thoughts and ideas and convey them in an engaging and passionate way, real life stories are the most powerful, because they are true, for example, one of my earliest memories:

When I was 9 we moved to a new house around 40 miles from where I grew up. I had never been to an indoor  pool, and two weeks later my new friends asked me if I would like to go swimming.  We took two busses to get there and I didn’t have a clue where I was. The swimming pool was at Ebbw Vale and I loved it. I couldn’t swim and we were jumping into deeper water and scrabbling back to the side. After a while my friends said they were leaving. We went to the changing room, but I decided not to get changed, and went back into the pool to play on my own. I continued with the same game, until I ran a little too far and jumped into the water that was much deeper. I expected to push up from the pool floor, but it didn’t come and I panicked. I barely reached the surface and shouted and took in water. I went down and popped up a few times. Finally I couldn’t sustain the effort and sank down to the pool floor. Even at that young age just before I passed out I believed two things; firstly, that I was about to die and secondly that ‘this is what a fish must feel like’. I have experienced 9 similar near death events in my life, and have remembered each of those pivotal moments.

When you merge stories into your motivational material, they bring substance to the talk; they hopefully inspire people to achieve greater things, because someone else ‘has been there and done that’, or they inspire you to make changes to your life for the better. That is what I attempt to do each time I talk.

I am a member of the Professional Speaking Association and have talked at ILM and professional speaking events, as well as seminars and presentations for Oil and Gas companies in the UK and Egypt as well as NLP seminars in London, Brighton and Florida.

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