Small Manageable Chunks

This article sums up in general terms, or big chunks, or the bigger picture. To achieve what you want to achieve needs to be small chunks, the detailed picture.

Let’s look at 3 points raised; goal setting, achieving goals and feedback.

Your goal setting is the single most important point. Without goal setting your brain does not know what exactly it needs to do. Read more ›

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Motivational Thinking

I quite like this article because it explains some of the points behind performance and motivational thinking. It’s not the most dynamic title and one may think that cell assembly has nothing to do with why you are not performing, as you should.

It briefly highlights how routines become engrained, so that they develop an automatic action. Read more ›

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Tina the Tennis Player

Tina was introduced to me by a friend. She is a semi professional tennis player who hopes to make a full time career from sport. We were both in London at the time, and we agreed to meet at convenient hotel. She is a personable young lady who has determination and ambition. She talked for some time about her tennis, life, family and where she felt she was at this moment in time with regards to her sport. When she finished speaking, I questioned her on some of the points she had raised, especially those places where she seemed vague and uncertain.  The main issue as she saw it was that she had recently started losing matches to people she had previously beaten, and became unsure when facing tennis players she held as equals or with more experience. She never used the term ‘better players than me’.

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